How to Convert PDF to PPT Online

How to convert PDF to PPT

Portable document format (PDF) is one of the most popular types of a file being used and it has become an essential information tool. All thanks to the higher level of security and reliability that these files offer. They have additionally captured the printed document as an e-image that you can read through, navigate, and send, as well as allowing the feature to print. These types of files are created using products like Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture etc.

While the PPT files are the Microsoft PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint is well-known and widely used presentation software commonly used by businesses as well as by the academics. The in-built seemingly-professional tools and graphics allow you to develop fascinating and informative visual presentations. With the growing use of the PDFs, there is always a need to convert the PDF files into the PPT online in order to present in a comprehensive manner.

How you can convert your PDF files to PPT online

In order to convert your PDF file to PowerPoint file online, SMALLPDF could be the most viable option. The firm offers a pro subscription for high-quality conversion services at just $48 annually/6 USD if billed monthly. The pro subscription includes:

  1. Limitless access allows you to convert as many files from PDF to PPT as you like.
  2. Offline working ensures that this conversion is not dependent on an internet connection.
  3. Add free system helps you stay focused on your work and distraction-free all the time.
  4. Allows you to create a digital signature to sign documents.
  5. Let’s you convert multiple files at a time.
  6. 14-day money back guarantees reliability.
  7. The process of conversion is started with the uploading of the PDF. This could be done by dragging-and-dropping or with the Choose File option. The PDF file is then converted to PowerPoint online. You can download the PPT file once the conversion has taken place.

In case the PDF file that you want to convert is already in presentation type format, the conversion is 100% accurate and effortless. Since the conversion of PDF to PPT is a tremendously complex process, has teamed up with Solid Documents in order to ensure the top-notch level of quality.

The privacy is also taken care of efficiently by keeping your data safe and secure. The fact that the firm is trusted by more than 20 million people reflects the dependability. The website also allows you to convert regardless of the operating system you use. Neither do you have to download any software or application to ensure that the process takes place effortlessly.

The Alternate Ways of Converting

This conversion of PDF to PPT online could also be done through Adobe Acrobat DC by following these steps:

  • Open the file in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Click the export option.
  • Choose MS PowerPoint as the export format.
  • Click on the Export button.
  • Save it in the desired location after naming it.

A cheaper alternative for this task could be Wondershare PDF element. It cost as low as $59.95, that too for a lifetime license. You can also try before you buy using the trial feature.

Another way of doing this if the PDF’s original author hasn’t locked the file for editing would be to simply take out the content that you need for your presentation. You can also remove the overlapping elements by cutting them out.