Our Future in Our Own Hands – The Role of Creativity and How to Use It

World in disaster – financial, political, environmental, ethical crises

The international is in turmoil: the Eurozone is in crisis, with Greece genuinely bankrupt, and countries together with Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland nicely on their manner down the same spiral staircase to break; environmental failures fill our information broadcasts every night – tornados song in addition north in America’s Mid-west than they have got ever achieved, wreaking havoc and destruction in their wake; regions the scale of Western Europe had been flooded in Australia, with the city of Brisbane inundated; occasions in the Arab global have overtaken populations and their governments; the war on terror continues apace; earthquakes accompanied by way of environmental failures have hit Haiti, and New Zealand, and more recently, and arguably greater catastrophically, the northern islands of Japan have been hit by using a tsunami that swept away entire groups, killed 20,000 humans in addition to destroying a nuclear electricity plant, putting all of us’s stay in jeopardy.

You may want to argue that the sector has constantly been difficulty to natural screw ups; that Nature is certain with the aid of its own laws, and that during result, failures manifest some thing we do. Is that totally authentic, however? Climate change is brought on by way of global warming, it’s far argued, which in its flip is an instantaneous result of the deforestation of tropical rain forests and an growth in our ‘carbon footprint’.

In terms of human catastrophes, one need most effective observe countries along with Mexico, whose material is unhinged by using the drug cartels and the violence with which they do enterprise. Drug dependancy has delivered ruin to the lives of the prone, and crime to finance addictions.

Importance of creativity – Ken Robinson – as critical as literacy and numeracy – but no longer just for jobs/higher jobs – deliver inside the Internet explosion of different sorts of paintings/wealth creation

The international is in turmoil, leading some top educationalists like Sir Kenneth Robinson of the Getty Foundation to say that creativity can be as essential inside the destiny as literacy and numeracy have traditionally been regarded in the past. Generally, Robinson makes the point that it’s far training on the way to be our salvation in a world in which few matters are certain; outcomes and unintended outcomes wrecking lives and our planet, and especially, that creativity is our ‘way to head’ – our possible path to our salvation, if you will.

Creativity – term usually misunderstood /misapplied to artistic endeavor, now not other fields – we want to ‘disenthrall’ ourselves from the labels we use – creativity as some thing for artists

Creativity has been described variously as the capability to supply something new this is of cost; by Robert E. Franken as ‘the tendency to generate or understand thoughts, options, or opportunities that may be beneficial in fixing issues, speaking with others, and unique ourselves and others.’

Carl Rogers, the influential American psychologists, described creativity as the emergence of a unique, relational product, growing out of the individuality of the individual. My favourite is by way of Roger von Oech, who believes creative questioning includes imagining familiar things in a new light, digging underneath the floor to locate previously unrelated styles, and locating connections among unrelated phenomena.

A greater general opinion of what creativity is, what creative humans do, and who they may be is that creative people – musicians, painters, poets, novelists – are innovative, have masses of creativity and behave creatively, which can be authentic. However, it’s also the case that creativity can be and is displayed by way of all of us who combines ideas in methods that produce novel thoughts, always answers, as an example. It is feasible, therefore, to have a creative engineer, a innovative architect, or a creative physicist, as well as a creative short tale writer, a creative composer, or a creative poet. It is simply that being creative in artwork is conventionally more anticipated. It is typically concept that scientists aren’t innovative by means of distinctive feature of the fact that they cope with statistics and figures which can be calibrated, definite and repeatable – that appears to be on the coronary heart of what technological know-how method for the general public who are not scientists, or artists.

Consequently, those who are not artistically inclined – maximum people – have a tendency not to suppose they are innovative, and generally tend not to assume they ever may be; it’s miles a property they tell themselves they do not own. Yet, within the course of a normal day within the lifestyles of any person there are times when some thing will strike them as being linked in a manner they’d now not previously thought possible.

These are type of what I may name ‘light-bulb moments’; instances whilst something ‘dawns on you’, as we say; when you ‘get it’, all of sudden join what you concept unconnected – that’s being innovative! It can occur in any field of human hobby; probable one of the maximum not unusual of these styles of activities is when someone tells you some thing that contradicts what you had previously idea or said. This can reason you to re-have a look at your perception of the object in query; every other while you find out through serendipity or from concerted awareness that two things are related – ear-pain coincides with toothache – a pain for your shoulder comes after bolting your food. Making the relationship – noticing it – is a creative act. Admittedly, it is able to no longer be one that is very precious to absolutely everyone else, but it’ll be to you – it’s far creative thought.

What is creativity – how can it help us – locate solutions from seemingly unrelated things – El Sistema in Venezuela, Scotland

Creative thought – wondering creatively – could have big benefits, if acted upon; kids from terrible neighbourhoods in Venezuela had been helped to get greater out in their lives through the advent of ‘El Sistema’; schools start up college orchestras, and children get a element to play within the orchestra. Contrast this with what usually happens wherein musical potential is concerned; any kid that indicates any aptitude for music is both taught individually and has to wait to come to be appropriate enough to play with others in front of an target audience, or they flip to some thing else. With El Sistema, the orchestra is expecting children to join it, and it speedy places on concert events for proud parents. El Sistema flourished so quick that Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela excursion the main live performance halls in London, New York, Milan and Tokyo playing the symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart and Liszt and so forth, all to rapturous applause and wild accolade. It works, and is running inside the Scottish city of Stirling, in which kids from a once infamous council estate are now speeding off to rehearsal in readiness for the imminent concert. Children discover interests and pull themselves again from the edge of a existence of substance abuse, crime and consequent deprivation.

Where previously, answers taken into consideration might have taken the shape of punitive measures geared toward stamping out anti-social conduct, music has captured young minds and now children do now not fall in to traps set for them through unscrupulous opportunists. Life is worth dwelling, college is worth excelling at due to an concept that came across the Atlantic – most in all likelihood via the Internet.

Creating the situations wherein it flourishes – the agricultural model – not the industrial one – again to Robinson’s communicate

Sir Ken Robinson made the comment all through his speak on what I might call the ‘parlous country of education’ in these early years of the twenty first Century at the reality that training structures had been in the beginning designed to satisfy the needs of business society within the years that followed the Industrial Revolution in Britain and elsewhere. He went on to say that this industrialised education ‘mined’ our children’ minds for handiest those ‘competencies’ that it deemed beneficial and effective – capabilities with numbers and words – numeracy and literacy – discarding as worthless any expertise a child showed inside the arts, for example.

In discarding any but the middle subjects of most instructional programmes around the arena, education has inadvertently, it appears, performed down the significance of creativity. We have been left with a type of ‘Gradgrind’ version of teaching. It changed into Gradgrind, you will do not forget, because the instructor in Dickens’ ‘Hard Times’ – a teacher who desired nothing but information, facts, records! Cissy Jupe turned into ordered not to ‘fancy’ or do something of that kind, however simplest to digest the records poured in to her and repeat them whilst asked.

Now that is probably an apocryphal instance used by a novelist with issues, however it does provide us an instance of the worst excesses of tutorial mismanagement. Dickens’ many tremendous novels are liberally sprinkled with such examples.

Have we end up more enlightened – definitely, but possibly no longer completely so. Robinson said that maximum instructional structures all around the global are inside the technique of being reformed whilst what is actually wanted is a total refashioning of them to meet modern-day problems, developments and conditions. What is needed, he says, is not anything less than a revolution in schooling, rather than, as is in reality taking place, just a re-tooling of the same production line – one which seems really the same version!

Questioning – finding greater questions to reply – the characteristic/recognition of schooling – locating questions to check solutions – to explore new opportunities

The effect the Internet has had on statistics – now no longer the distinct area of the found out – get entry to and openness – college students have comparable ranges of get admission to – would possibly nonetheless want some guidance


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