Self-Guide to Ebook Publishing – Practical Steps for Success

There are seven realistic steps in engaging in a a success eBook publishing undertaking:

Choosing the right free ebooks publishing program
Picking an eBook format
Providing ISBN numbers
Creating eBook covers
Setting up a Payment System
Using an e-reader for checking out functions
Promoting your eBook
As a self-posted writer of three books, I recognize how hard it is to find a literary agent or publishing house interested by publishing your work. One of the first things I did after sending out queries to no avail became to check out the Print-On-Demand (POD) homes to get my novels revealed and distributed. I did this for my first two books with excessive expectations. While there are numerous best POD agencies equipped and inclined to put up your paintings for a fee, I speedy found out there are a few sizeable drawbacks to this approach. The primary downside for me changed into the high listing charges assigned to my published novels. The prices were no longer competitive inside the market. I even tried offering an eBook layout, however it turned into before the time of virtual eBook readers and the modern explosion in virtual content. With this in thoughts I determined to publish my new novel in eBook layout myself. What I learned over the last few months are the realistic steps vital for a hit eBook publishing, which I will share with the ones of you who want greater manage over publishing, distributing and promoting your work. In this article, I will focus on two eBook publishing packages, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) application and the Google Books Partner Program. If you want to save on costs and manipulate your own future, you need to examine these steps so as to participate on this brave new digital international.

1. Choosing the right eBook publishing software:

Choosing the right eBook publishing software in your paintings is a critical first step. Fortunately, for self-published authors, times have modified dramatically over the last few years. Online publishers like Amazon.Com have paved the way for authors who want to supply a competitive product even if it method a published format isn’t always provided on the market or a previous title is made available for the primary time in digital layout. With Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing software you now not only reach the most important eBook market distributor, however the largest promoting e-reader device, the Kindle.

More recently, Google ebookstore has entered the marketplace with a aggressive solution that permits authors to participate within the Google Books Partner Program to submit eBooks for a selection of digital e-reader devices and get entry to thousands and thousands of eBooks from publishers and libraries international. The largest gain with Google is you may have access to many of the other largest promoting e-reader devices together with the Nook that use eBook formats other that the proprietary Kindle layout.

2. Picking an eBook format:

Another crucial step is studying the variations between eBook formats and which layout is needed for diverse digital e-readers. There are many formats, however you do not want to keep your paintings in every layout to post on-line. For example, Amazon Kindle makes use of a completely unique proprietary layout AZW this is based totally on the Mobipocket standard. This format is not well matched with different e-readers on the market together with the Barnes & Noble Nook collection. The desirable information, even though, is you don’t have to reformat your novel to publish with Amazon.Com. With Kindle Direct Publishing you can self-put up your books on the Amazon Kindle Store by using filing a popular Word DOC format and Kindle will reformat for you. Even higher, books self-published thru KDP can participate inside the 70% royalty program in case you meet their necessities, that is a widespread deal.

The Google Books Partner Program and Google ebookstore competes with Kindle Direct Publishing and the Amazon Kindle Store. Google ebookstore makes use of the EPUB layout, which is an open widespread for eBooks created with the aid of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The EPUB layout lets in e-readers to exchange the textual content sizes for a better analyzing enjoy and lets in the text to flow or suit the e-reader screen sizes as needed. Currently, Google’s software calls for authors to post their work in Adobe PDF format and in the EPUB layout for the ebookstore. The mystery right here is to store the Word document format as a Web Page, Filtered (HTML) record and use a loose converter from agencies along with Calibre to convert the HTML format to EPUB for submission to Google. This is greater complex than Amazon’s software, however it works just first-rate. One of the blessings of the Google software is the eBook can be examine on many distinctive e-reader gadgets and can be accessed over the Internet and examine on call for.

3. Providing ISBN numbers:

ISBN stands for “International Standard Book Number”. It is a completely unique identifier for books, eBooks and different media. Each identify, version or exclusive format that is published and made one after the other to be had need to be recognized by way of a completely unique ISBN. Both the Amazon and Google packages will assign digital ISBN numbers for your eBooks. However, this can limit the range of distribution channels or publishing houses that might be willing to offer your eBook for sale seeing that many online book dealers within the U.S. Require ISBN identity for tracking, selling and fee functions. The first-class approach is to purchase your personal ISBN numbers from an authorised agent of The International ISBN Agency in the U.K. That coordinates all ISBN numbers. One such organisation within the U.S. Which could provide ISBN numbers is a organisation called Publisher Services, a department of Bar Code Graphics, Inc. For an affordable price, they may offer a unmarried ISBN quantity and an electronic barcode that may be used with any format. One secret concerning the electronic barcode photo is the EPS format provided isn’t always like minded with Amazon or Google eBook formats. The barcode picture needs to be transformed to a JPEG layout whilst inserted in the eBook file.

Don’t forget about to publish a form to copyright your work with the authorities. I used the Electronic Copyright Office (ECO) System to protect my today’s novel.

4. Setting up a Payment System:

In order to sell your digital paintings on-line, you may want to installation a at ease payment method. Again, there are many answers to be had in the marketplace depending on how you would like to sell your work and acquire payments. Fortunately, operating with Amazon or Google makes the system less difficult. The Amazon Kindle Store calls for you to installation a Company/Publisher Account with financial institution records. Once the account is installation you may publish titles to the Kindle Store for free of charge and acquire bills for every sale. The Google Books Partner Program offers a similar provider called Google Checkout. The essential advantages of both packages is the charge protection they offer, the benefit of account setup, client buying comfort, quicker fee of royalties and customer service.

5. Creating eBook Covers:

Another essential aspect to any eBook mission is developing a professional eBook cover in your novel. Cover pix are advocated for Amazon and Google packages. Again, there are numerous on-line businesses and publishing houses willing to offer this kind of provider for a fee. However, if you are willing to layout and layout your very own cowl page and use present free pictures available on the Internet, then I endorse you buy an inexpensive ecover utility from a enterprise consisting of Extreme 3-D eCovers. This software is easy to use and the product presents get admission to to many ecover pics that can be used royalty loose. I produced my eBook cowl the usage of free photos from NASA and they most effective require you to renowned the supply of the pictures to your work.

6. Using an e-reader for trying out functions:

In preparation for self-publishing an eBook, you need to download an e-reader software on your PC to check the EPUB or Adobe PDF formats earlier than filing them to Amazon, Google or every other online writer. You want to view the eBook and correct any problems before submission. I advise the Calibre E-e book Management System with their E-e book Viewer to convert files or read PDF or EPUB formats, or down load Adobe Digital Editions to read PDF or EPUB eBooks. Both downloads are free. I additionally advocate you upload a Table of Contents in your eBook to make searching and reading chapters less complicated for the patron. As a facet notice, you may additionally read eBooks to your PC. Google ebookstore gives an internet reader for this purpose. Amazon presents Kindle for PC. Barnes & Noble provides NOOK for PC. The listing goes on.

As I even have cited in advance, there are many e-readers on the market and each calls for like minded eBook codecs for analyzing functions. The largest selling e-reader on the market nowadays is the Amazon Kindle, which bills for almost 70% marketplace share. For this purpose alone, it behooves you to make you eBook well suited with this product. Fortunately, it’s miles particularly clean to submit and put up your eBook for the Amazon Kindle Store in a count number of days. They are extraordinarily efficient and offer exceptional technical aid. Another famous e-reader device is the Barnes & Noble Nook. This device is well matched with the EPUB format and other codecs, however now not the Kindle layout. As you presently recognize, the EPUB layout is needed for the Google program. Google ebookstore and their Partner Program is newer to the eBook game and it’ll take a bit longer to get your eBook posted, however again, they’re very green and their customer service is also very beneficial.

7. Promoting your eBook:

Last but not least, there is no easy or proven technique in selling a new eBook in modern market place. It would require time, effort and cash; and it’s miles important on the grounds that there are so many eBook titles available on the market. The excellent information is with the proliferation of e-book readers and virtual content material, the tide has grew to become for digital publishing. Amazon.Com currently stated that they’re promoting extra virtual books than printed copies for the first time in history. Unfortunately, I actually have located that neither Amazon Direct Publishing nor the Google Book Partner Program provide a high-quality service to sell or drive eBook sales. This type of service will take time to mature. In the meantime, I propose you locate the fine online channels to distribute a Press Release that reaches your target market and would not fee loads of cash. It is likewise critical to force eBook income the usage of your personal internet site, creator membership websites and social networking websites. Fortunately, putting in a non-public website is easy to do and you could upload URL links to any of the packages, on line book stores, eBook publishing homes, corporations, software applications, e-reader devices and businesses referred to in this article. After all, it’s far as much as the writer to champion their paintings no matter how the work is posted.