How to Repair Your LCD Monitor

Instead of throwing away your damaged LCD reveal, you have determined to restore it. What do you have got too loose by way of trying the repair yourself? It’s already heading for the trash can or the e-waste center. By repairing it you may possibly store from $one hundred to $200 or extra!

If you’ve got executed any studying at all on the net, you’ve got already observed that bad capacitors account for a massive percent of all LCD reveal screw ups Samsung-Reparationer.

If your display glints whilst you begin it up, the screen is dim, has peculiar traces on it, clicks, and so on., then you definitely are within the right vicinity!

The repair does now not require any unique expertise or skill. About the handiest equipment you will want are a putty knife, a screwdriver, a pair of pliers and a Radio Shack soldering iron. We offer the solder!

Without entering into too much technical jargon, there are two main components interior your reveal, the electricity board which powers the inverter (lighting fixtures) and video, and the video board.

The strength supply circuit board should be eliminated before you can replace the capacitors. You should open your screen and examine the capacitors on the energy deliver board. Each reveal will have a strength deliver circuit board. Each screen version may have a barely specific board. They all appearance approximately the identical. Some have more capacitors, some have much less. Most all LCD monitors have a massive 400v capacitor. These not often cross terrible, consequently they are NOT blanketed in our repair kits.